Custom search functionality in Sitefinity for insurance company in Netherlands


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The client needed help implementing very specific search functionalities, that allowed special filtering of the results per site. This functionality was not available out of the box in Sitefinity.


Utilizing previous experience in Sitefinity, our transparent and professional services and a bit of research - we were able to deliver custom search functionality that allowed the client serve their customers.


We worked closely with an Insurance company in the Netherlands to enhance their search functionality in Sitefinity. The client required a custom search feature that would allow users to easily find relevant information on their website.

Our team diligently worked on implementing a custom search solution, taking into account the client's specific requirements. We focused on optimizing the search algorithm, ensuring accurate and efficient results.

In addition, we integrated taxonomies into the search system, enabling users to filter search results based on specific categories and tags. This enhanced the overall user experience and made it easier for visitors to find the information they were looking for.

Our expertise in Sitefinity development helped us successfully finalize the implementation of the search functionality for the client's website. The improved search capabilities provided a seamless browsing experience, increasing user satisfaction and engagement.