Hybrid Sitefinity Azure DevOps setup for Eveliko


  • Education


  • Sitefinity Consulting


As part of our work - we wanted to ensure we have a fresh installation of Sitefinity, including the Net Core renderer. This allows our team to do some Sitefinity trainings and demos and makes it very easy for everyone to check something real quick, review and train the new features of Sitefinity and experiment.


We already had an Azure DevOps instance, where we keep our code. We created  automated builds and releases  that allows us to build the Sitefinity Backend and the Net Core renderer apps, there are two stages - stage and production. The production release creates a backup of the Database before releasing, allowing relatively easy rollback if needed.

Since then - our trainings on Sitefinity Content Management, Configurations and Development positively increased. 

In addition - the Frontend team doesn't need to host the entire Sitefinity solution on their local machines, which increased the speed at which they can do frontend development.